Healing Black Spots in a Natural Way

Healing Black Spots

Healing Black Spots

Is your Black Spot blinding your beauty? Black spots are a great hindrance in one’s looking beautiful and they may be caused by scars left after pimples or skin infections Excessive suntan or sunburn also leads to the formation of black spots. However, one initially needs to find out the cause for the occurrence of black spots as along with being ugly, they can also be indicators of serious skin problems like skin cancer in its formative stages.

One should try using natural and home made remedies for getting rid of black spots. The first and foremost requirement is to prevent the formation of black spots and that can be done by preventing your skin from the harmful effects of the radiations of sun. For this, one should apply a sunscreen lotion with minimum SPF of 30 before moving into the sun.

Aloe Vera Gel

If one is already suffering from black spots, then one can make use of the natural products like Vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera gel which are helpful in treating most of the skin problems. In addition, one can apply a paste of turmeric and curry leaves on the face for about 15 minutes to treat specifically the problem of black spots. Other pastes can be made by grinding dried basil leaf, neem and mint and by adding turmeric powder and rose water in it. This paste should be applied on the specific spots in order to enable their fast healing.

Basil Leave Paste

Other natural elements which help in treating skin problems are lemon juice, glycerin and sandalwood. One can make a paste by mixing ½ teaspoon lemon juice and glycerin which should be applied on the entire face. Similarly, one can make a paste of saffron by adding a small amount of honey in it. This can be applied on the face to remove black spots and to make your face free of all spots and blemishes.

Lemon Juice


  • joy

    i am having a black spot on my face n i want to get rid of it so how can i get it of.

  • roza

    am a 15 year old girl.. ive suffered from black spots since i was 12..!!! i juz noticed wat i have and i really need help….!!! i have pimples too so that wat makes it worse..!!! sooo i have pimples and black spots…!!! soo i need you to tell me wat do i have to do and get from the products…!!! i stopped eating chocolates and junk food and going in the sun too much..!!! sooooo pleeeez tell me wat to doo.. pleeeeeeeeeeez

  • im 21 years old now i have black spot on face what should i do so it can go fastly

  • TOM

    i was born with black spot on my face and i wanna get rid of it.pls can u teach me what cream to use?

  • pal

    i was born with black spot on the face and i want a cream to get rid of it.

  • Juliet

    I need a fast healing of blackspot on my face

  • prasad

    hi,i’m prasad, am 32years old. recently i some black spots are formed on my neck and there is no itching sensation on them. but day by the number ofmarks are being increased. please guide me how can i get rid of them. and i dont smoke, don’t consume alchohol either i don’t have any type of bad habits but i do have a lot of non-veg in the meals. plz do the needful. thank you.

  • Nqo

    i have black spos all over my legs from sores whem i was young. how do i get rid off them?

  • bikash

    i have black spot in my face i am 26 yrs male this happen only in female but why this happen to me can anybody help me