Have a perfect date


romance It is reasonably fine to get somewhat perplexed on your first date. Sure, you want to leave a good nice feeling and wish everything to go perfect. It is not as difficult as perhaps is generally made out to be. Detailed planning with a clear mind helps to relax.

It is a smart idea to have a place in mind before you even ask for a date. What if he or she agrees on the very first time? You may be left scratching your head or biting your nails wondering when and where to meet.

The next is the environment for the first date. That shouldn’t be menacing. Either of you may look a bit ill at ease at first. Look around for a not so crowded nor too solitary a place.

A rock concert would be just thrilling but without doubt too loud; you really won’t have a few moments to minimally get together. A very romantic place too may not be an ideal choice; the ambiance may become a bit too strong.

For the first time, spend sometime together over coffee. It may be a good idea to visit a gallery together as long as it is interesting and to the liking of the other party.

Keep in mind that your approach, chat and consideration for the person are certainly more important than your activities.

Explore the possibility of being together for a picnic. Cooking food is an excellent idea. It’s good to be romantic but being too romantic on the first date is not praiseworthy.

Dress appropriately for the occasion, neither too casual nor too formal. Jeans and T-shirt look too casual, whereas getting dressed-up in a suit will be too formal. Jeans and jacket would just give the desired effect, neither too grand nor too normal.

If you intend using your own car, make sure it is clean and smells good. An unkempt or untidy look creates a bad first impression. Nevertheless, giving the impression of a perfectionist or acting like one all the time in her company is not really appreciable.

Flowers are not necessarily needed for this occasion, unless you are fully aware that your date has a liking for those. Were it so, just a rose should be sufficed to show your care but a bouquet may get too formal and funny.