Hairstyles For Oval Face

Hairstyles For Oval Face

Hairstyles For Oval Face

Hair is the biggest asset of any women as you can really redefine your looks through different hairstyles. Every face cut has its own preferences in terms of hairstyles.

However, if you are oval faced one, then you are one of the luckiest as any kind of hairstyle suits this facial type due to balance of height and width. Given below are certain hairstyles which can enhance the beauty and features of your oval face.

Hairstyles For Oval Face

If you have an oval face, it is the texture of your hair which actually decides the hairstyle you should go in for. For instance, if you have fine hair, then you can try adding volume to it through getting alayered cut. Layers will also help in adding more glamour on your face. Layers can suit straight as well as wavy hair.

Layered cut

If your hair is medium in texture, you can try a razor cut. Curls can be used to your advantage by simply letting them loose! However, avoid adding too many layers. A ponytail too would look good with this type of face cut. You can use hairstyling for enhancement of your features.

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You can have lifting of eyes and cheekbones by framing hair around the chin. The hair is highlighted with a few layers and the bangs are parted slightly.

Popularly, a Jennifer Aniston style, this is a very nice medium cut which would look great on a variety of women with oval faces. If you are the lucky oval-faced one, you need not face too much tension on deciding appropriate hairstyle as almost everything looks good on you provided you have the confidence to carry it well.

Jennifer Aniston Style

However, try avoiding growing hair too long as it would only add to the length of the face. Also, in case of layers, you must always have the first layer at your chin level. Keep these basic tips in mind and look great with a great hairstyle.