Hair Fall Remedy

Are you getting scary shivers after seeing bunches of your hair falling down after each comb? The thought of hair fall itself is scary as it brings to mind the fear of bald patches which can literally destroy one’s beauty along with hampering one’s confidence and self-image. Hair loss can be a result of harmful chemicals one uses in shampoos and even in various beauty treatments. One time desire of beautifying oneself through cosmetic procedures can lead to long term disadvantages as seen as in the case of hair loss. Thus, one should carefully and intelligently choose products and treatments to prevent one’s hair from unnecessary loss. In addition, unhealthy diet or malnutrition is another reason why many people face the problem of hair loss. If you are one of those frightened people who are witnessing rapid hair loss, you can try the effective natural methods given below.

To naturally treat this problem, one should soak fenugreek throughout the night in a deep pot of water. In the morning, one should massage the liquid into the scalp and wrap it with a cloth for 3 hours. Following this treatment everyday for one month can bring about the desired affect. Rubbing olive oil on the scalp can also help in reducing the problem of hair loss to a great extent. Similarly, one can massage the scalp with uncooked egg yolk and wash it after 1 hour. Along with natural physical application remedies, one can also prepare some healthy drinks which can help in preventing as well as treating this frightening problem. This includes boiling 1 cup of water, adding 1 tsp of mustard seeds and cooking it for 5 minutes. One should drink this mixture after it cools down to gain relief from the problem of hair loss.

It has been found that hair loss can also be brought about by genetic factors or due to some underlying medical problem. Thus, if one’s problem does not lessen after trying various methods, then one should consult a doctor to rule out any underlying medical ailment.

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  • – If u apply lemon about 5min before taking hair wash it is help to stop hairfall.

    – if u apply oil before 1hr it is help to stop hairfall.