Hair Coloring

Hair colors are in fashion today as they are used as a means to add color and spice in one’s life. Girls are setting up new styles and trends by coloring their hair with bold and new colors which express and define the new generation in particular. There are various types of hair colors with hair mascaras, crayons and color hair-sprays being used as temporary colors, while gels and other forms act as permanent ones. While reds and browns are the most commonly used colors, people with fairish skin also opt for the purplish touch. In addition, the latest trend these days is to get one’s hair streaked or highlighted in place of full coloring. Fashion is stylish in its own place, but colored hair needs extra care and protection as they are more vulnerable to be easily worn out due to the harsh chemicals which are used in colored dyes.

One needs to take care of one’s colored hair in order to prevent them from premature damage. Since colored hair is more prone to drying, it is always advisable to regularly get one’s hair trimmed in order to get rid of dry and split ends. In addition, one needs to exchange one’s regular shampoo and conditioner with those which are specifically designed for dyed hair. Since colors make one’s hair dry by removing certain part of natural oils from one’s hair, one should regularly moisturize one’s hair to restore back the scalp moisture. In addition, the natural remedy of hot oil treatment helps in restoring natural moisture to the hair along with helping in strengthening of weak hair. One should take extra care when one moves out in the sun as too much of sun exposure can dry one’s hair and can also lead to a faster loss of one’s new color and brightness. Hence, always wear as scarf or a hat before exposing your newly colored hair to the sun.

By taking proper care of one’s hair, one can ensure their health and nourishment. This is important as hair is a vital part of one’s beauty quotient as it allows you to express yourself in varying expressive colors.