Hair Care


haircar There are typically 100,000 to 120,000 hair on the human head.  The average person generally loses around 50 to 100 hairs each day.  Hair growth therapy has become a big business in America; around $1.5 billion is spent on it each year.

Medical situations associated with or characterized by hair loss include:
•    Alopecia – loss of hair
•    Alopecia totalis – complete loss of all scalp hair
•    Alopecia universalis – complete loss of all body hair including the eyebrows and the eyelashes
•    Androgenitic alopecia – also referred to as male pattern baldness, it is quite common in men and thought to be genetic in nature
•    Involutional alopecia – normal age-related hair thinning
•    Trichotillomania – incomplete hair loss (including broken hair)

Causes of hair loss are poor dietary habits, male pattern baldness, stress or worry, vitamin deficiencies, genetic factors, normal aging, hormones, significant weight loss, skin disease, exposure to radiation, iron deficiency and burns

Home remedies for hair care

Follow a zinc-rich diet – zinc hydrates the hair. Rosemary – aids color retention in dark hair.

Flat beer – reduces split ends.  Apply one to two times per month. Raw eggs and olive oil – reduce hair loss. Henna – used as a conditioner, henna makes hair bouncy.

Honey – mix three teaspoons of honey with water.  This makes hair shiny and keeps the scalp moist.

Tea/Beer rinse – Boil tea leaves.  After rinsing the hair with beer, use the water you boiled with tea leaves to rinse the hair again.

Rosemary oil – added to shampoo, it will fight dandruff.

Coconut milk with aspirin – leave the mixture on the hair for one to two hours; then wash and rinse. Spearmint tea – wash hair with spearmint tea to aid hair growth.

Reduce the number of chemical processes you perform on your hair. Trim the hair regularly.  Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

Protect the hair from chlorine by wearing a swimming cap or bathing cap when in a pool.

Reduce your use of hair appliances that can dry out your hair, such as hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot curlers. Don’t over-brush your hair.

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