Getting ready for camping


Hey girls and guys thinking to go on camping trip with your friends and family members. well certainly the weather conditions of spring season compels and attracts everyone to move to green lashes and mountain areas to enjoy and have holidays filled with fun and thrill while camping. But to make your holiday a successful event, make sure you keep in mind the following written safety tips.

When deciding about the area for camping, make sure you avoid areas of natural hazards. Check the contour of the land and for potential trouble due to land.

No matter wherever you go, always carry first-aid kit with yourself for emergency.

Check for potential hazards. Be sure to check thoroughly for gloss, sharp objects, branches, ant beds, poison ivy, bees and hazardous terrain. Keeping a watch on this stuff will certainly help in avoiding any mis-happening to take place on your camping trip. So just keep your eyes as well as ears open.

Make sure that your fires are always attended. When building fire is careful and use an area that can’t spread laterally or vertically- grill or stone surface would be ideal.

Keep your camp clean and do not leave any food, garbage or utensils outside the tents, as these may attract wild animals!

Watch out for bugs. To avoid attracting stinging insects, wear light colored clothing and also avoid perfumes and colognes.

Carry items like Frisbee, soccer ball and jump rope, as these items can be used by the entire group.

For sleeping, carry water proof air mattresses as they are not only comfortable but also avoid you getting wet due to rain.

Avoid nights and darker evenings for camping. Make sure you only travel in daytime to avoid any chances of accidents and mishappening.

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