Getting Pretty with Papaya

You must have heard of various health benefits of papaya but do you know that papaya can help you in becoming pretty? It has been found through research that 3 to 4 servings of this fruit a day can help a person in attaining a shining and a glowing skin. Then why wait when pretty and beautiful skin is possible not with something bitter or harsh- but with something which is sweet and which tastes good. Too good to believe but it is actually true.

According to experts, a major cause of skin flare-ups like rashes, pimples and even acne is due to poor indigestion or stomach related disorders. Papaya solves the problem from its roots as the enzyme papain present in this fruit helps in keeping one’s digestive system in order. The anti-oxidants present in this wonder fruit aid in the healthy functioning of the body and skin and it also helps in hydrating the body thereby providing your skin with natural nourishment. Using unripe papaya on the skin helps in getting rid of wrinkles and dry skin cells. You can also mash up the papaya pulp, add 2 drops of honey in it to get a natural dry skin treatment face pack. This also acts as a light astringent and a re-hydrating face scrub.

The high nutrient value of papaya with invaluable anti-oxidants and flavonoids not only leads to a radiant health but also aids in providing skin with radiance and natural glow of health. Moreover, it has been found that the skin of papaya can be used as an external treatment for skin wounds. Thus, heal up all your wounds and blemishes with the natural power of papaya and experience beauty and glow which comes naturally from within and is not artificially induced.

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