Get To Know About Lipstick Ingredients

Get To Know About Lipstick Ingredients

Get To Know About Lipstick Ingredients Cosmetic products have always been under the scrutiny, thanks to the ingredients used in them. Being a woman, you must be aware of what constitutes a particular product before putting it on. Same is true for lipstick. Though there are certain contents that are relatively safer for body, there are some ingredients that are potentially harmful for your health. We have listed some of the basic ones so that you may have an idea about the secret behind those glistening and gleaming colors.


Wax collected from honeybees and various plant sources like palm tree, Euphorbia cerifera, and Rhus Succedanea are actively used in lipsticks. The wax does not allow the oil and liquid parts of a cosmetic product to mingle with each other; thus each can maintain its own state. Not only this, Beeswax also imparts solidity and thickness to the lipstick so that it can be applied with ease. It also aids in imparting a finished look to your lips. Your lipstick may contain candelilla wax and carnauba wax (both plant sources); these are relatively more costly than the general beeswax.


The lush red hue of a lipstick that looks fabulous on many of us comes from the boiling of some insects like beetles. In fact, carmine is a derivative of carminic acid and is used as a natural food color. Various body parts of beetles like wings, shells, and their eggs are used for the production of carmine.


Another major ingredient of lipstick is propylparaben. It is meant for preserving the cosmetic products and increasing their shelf life. Its use is continually under the scrutiny of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is known to cause allergy in several cases. Methylparaben, another preservative, is derived from hydroxybenzoic acid. It gets readily absorbed by the body but is linked to damage to healthy cells.

FD &C colors

These are mainly derived from coal tar, a product obtained by anaerobic burning of bituminous coal. A lipstick gets its numerous shades and colors from this coal tar only. While a few of these have been allowed for external use, others like sunset yellow and brilliant blue are potentially dangerous for human body. Coal tar is known to trigger cancers in human beings.

Iron Oxide

Relatively safer to use, iron oxides are meant for imparting coloring to lips. Several oxides are mixed up in different proportion to form hues like orange, yellow, red etc. Iron oxides are bioaccumulative and are readily absorbed by the skin.


One of the most harmful products that are known to contain in lipsticks (even the branded ones) is lead. It is not intentionally added to serve any purpose, but is formed as a by-product of lipstick manufacturing process. Once inside our body, it does not get excreted in any form but goes on accumulating year after year. It interferers with the proper functioning of neurons and is carcinogenic in nature.


They are meant to mask unpleasant odors coming from other ingredients of the lipstick. They come in several different tastes and have a refreshing effect upon you. But they may trigger allergies and can even lead to skin irritation.

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