GET FIT & LOOK FABULOUS…without leaving the house!

Are home treadmills really worth the investment? You can run out on the street for free right? And will you even use it once it’s in the house? Well, HAYLEY NOLAN has been giving the Kettler Treadmill a test run for a few months now and this is her verdict!

MY BACKGROUND: I’ll admit it, I’m as lazy as they come! I have the best intentions when it comes to exercise, I want to look good with rock hard buns and toned, shapely thighs – I even went so far as to invest in a pair of trainers once! It was looking so good for a few weeks, the sun was shining, I was motivated to go for a run every other day…but soon enough the winter rain, cold and perilously icy roads threw up some great excuses to stop going out! Like many, by day I’m found hunch backed over a computer and by night crashed on the sofa in front of the TV! I wanted to get out and get my body moving but winter rain (and the effort of having to get all dressed up to to go out for a run) always kept me comatozed indoors!

MY REASONING: I kept thinking to myself, if I had a running machine in the house I could just throw on a pair of trainers and run everyday – even if I only had the time (or energy) to run for 5 or 10 minutes, at least it would be something and so easy to do! I figured there’d be NO excuses if it was sat right there in the room! So I went online to search for treadmills – there are a million different brands offering ridiculously high tech extras, but unless you’re training for a hard core treck in the Andes and need to monitor your blood pressure while you workout I found I was really just looking for a simple, sturdy machine!

THE TREADMILL: I went for the robust and reliable Kettler HKS-Selection. Even though I knew the measurments in advance of the engineers installing it, I was still shocked by the size of the machine! I always had visions of home treatmills as some small, rickety version of the gym ones but this reassuringly looked like it could take the random weight of hundreds of gym goers. And thankfully, although it came with a manual, the functions were straightforward enough for me to start using it immediately. And although it has some great extra functions like a calorie counter and pulse monitor (for the more hard core fitness fanatics) I was thrilled with the basics; speed adjustments and incline adjustments, for that added “up hill running” resistance!

PUTTING MY THEORY TO THE TEST: From day one, my theory of having a treadmill in the house removing all excuses for not exercising proved right! When I started to feel like I’d been sat at the computer for far too long I’d jump on for 5 minutes to get my circulation going. On most days when time permitted I’d start the morning with a 10 minute run, building up to 20 minutes (don’t laugh, I was an absolute slob before this treadmill!) I found the best distraction was to put a TV show on the iplayer and listen as I ran and I lasted much longer. I could feel the “Up Hill Incline” function working different parts of my legs and bottom, which felt great (and like I was getting just as good a workout as I would out in the hills!) And the best part was, some days I could just hop on the treadmill and run in my bra and knickers if I wanted to, no make up, frizzy hair – and there was no passing joggers to traumatize! Now yes, I have to admit, it doesn’t have a function to press that speeds up your motivation – and on some days when you just can’t be bothered, the treadmill could be in your bed and you wouldn’t have the motivation to run – it is still just a machine, not a miracle worker! But by having it in your house takes away all the other excuses for not going out for a run or to the gym, giving you a better chance than any to get fit!

MY VERDICT: Not only is it good for the obvious workouts but having a treadmill in the house helps you keep your body healthy by getting your circulation moving, if only for a 5 minute run! Realistically it’s tough fitting regular gym sessions into your busy schedule and even when you’ve got a home treadmill there will be times when you can’t squeeze in a short workout – but it is honestly the most exercise I’ve ever done in the space of a few months. And whether you want to get fit for Summer or keep up an exercise regime through the bitter Winter months, then this is the best investment you could make!

Hayley has been using the KETTLER TRACK MOTION  TREADMILL from KettlerDirect ( Features include a back lit LCD screnn with a 3D matrix. The computer includes 7 functions and 8 training programs including heart rate control and fitness recovery tests, it has an intergrated POLAR reciever and hand sensors to measure your pulse. The motor has a 3.0HP peak power, and the speed ranges from 0-16kph. The incline can be controlled electronically up to 12%, and it has a shock absorbant running belt to ease pressure on your joints. The belt measures at 132x51cm. When set up the machine measures at 186x84x137cm. Its easy to manouver due to an easy roller system. The maximum user weight is 130kg.