CANDY LIPZ To plump or not to plump, that used to be the question! Now it’s how to plump, because no matter whether you want a plumper pout to restore youth or to achieve Kardashian levels of sexiness it seems most women these days would like to give it a try. Understandably, with oh too many disastrous “trout pouts” documented in the media, people have been seeking out a topical alternative to filler injections. Lip glosses and creams have all claimed to “plump up your pout” but none have ever really delivered the desired effect (and  I’m speaking from experience here.) So when I saw the results online of CandyLipz, the apple shaped suction device that seemingly plumps your lips from zero to 90 within a matter of minutes, I have to admit I was skeptical. But I can confirm (see photos below) that it does indeed work!!! CANDY LIPZ Now don’t freak out at the mention of a suction device. Yes, by now we’ve all seen the silly children on YouTube who have taken it upon themselves to suck into any cupping device they can find to emulate Kylie Jenner’s magnificent pucker and in the process hideously disfigure their lips! CandyLipz, on the other hand,  is a patented design that has been fully tested (and won awards for safety) so you do not run even the slightest risk of hurting your lips or skin. I tested it out on my friend too, just to see what the results would be like on a variety of lip shapes and sizes and it really is quite remarkable – see below! CANDYLIPZ However, it seems when it comes to lip plumping there really is no gain without a little pain. There is a conditioning period required where your lips will bruise as all the blood and impurities of the skin will come to the surface and create an unsightly bruise-like effect. It doesn’t last longer than a day, so fear not, and it looks much worse than it feels (in fact, the bruising effect isn’t painful at all.) And I’ve been assured this isn’t breaking any blood vessels or capillaries but merely the same effect as a Chinese Medicine cupping treatment. The bruising does go down by the next day, and after a 10 day period you can use the CandyLipz divide as often or as long as you want to achieve the desired pouty effect without any bruising. CANDY LIPS - BRUISING So yes, it works, I can not fault the results in anyway. However it does state the effects will last 2-4 hours but from my own personal experience I found the effects barely lasted an hour. This will certainly differ per person and if you google, you will find the results do vary. (There are some brilliant Vlogs on CandyLipz on Youtube!) CANDY LIPZ So my advice is, it’s great for selfies and photo shoots but if you’re after longer term effects then you will need to go for the softest lip filler available at a reputable doctor who has a history of successful treatments and client testimonials. I can personally recommend to you Mr Mark Holmes of the Anti Aging Clinic in Essex. My lips react badly to filler and so I’m unable to go for a full on pout (more’s the pity, Kylie Jenner I shall never be) but a couple of insertions of the softest Jeuvederm along the edge of the top lip for definition and two points in the bottom lip for a cute “pillow crease” effect is delicately subtle yet effective. The effects you can see below.  The best thing is, the filler is so gentle it dissolves over a period of a few months so is something you can try out and see if it suits you without the commitment of “forever!” DR MARK HOLMES No lip plumping treatment is without its risks but having tested out both treatments to be able to report back and give you honest, first hand advice, I can say CandyLipz and Dr Mark Holmes are two I can recommend for safety and temporary results! CANDY LIPZ:  DR MARK HOLMES: