Let’s get straight to it – you want a fresh and glowing complexion. You want to get rid of the weathered winter skin. You didn’t look hideous before but you certainly wouldn’t mind looking like a youthful, radiant, more stunning version of yourself! Well, the answer is going to be a surprising one, because no, it doesn’t involve fillers or face peels… it’s certainly not something you would associate with a more natural look but I’m here to break the beauty taboo and utter the forbidden word: botox!

Don’t run for the hills! It all depends on how it’s administered – and by whom! And the whom who I trust SO much in this case is the legend that is Dr Mark Holmes of the Anti Aging Clinic! Read on, oh curious one…

Dr Mark Holmes

Mark is down to earth, honest and an expert at his job – a craftsman, you might say! So put all images of frozen faced, plastic looking TOWIE cast members out of your mind, they have no place at the Anti Aging Clinic. When used properly by a respected doctor like Mark, Botox can help your face regain its plumpness by resting the overworked muscles that leave anything from fine lines to deep creases.

It’s like a week’s worth of great sleep – people rarely mention how botox can revive dull skin, everyone just harps on about “freezing” the face. But it doesn’t just have to be used for that!

Dr Mark Holmes

I took some – rather comical – Before and After photos so you can see the effects for yourself. I can still move my face and form expressions, I can still frown, yet there are no creases remaining when my face is at rest!

All the photos here are UNAIRBRUSHED. And granted, the before photos aren’t terrible at all… I pulled some funny faces so you can see all the lines in my over expressive face. But I really wanted to see how Botox can help the overall look and appearance of your skin, not just the lines and wrinkles.


The way I see it, the trick to using Botox to revive the skin is by calming down the lines and wrinkles (not completely freezing them) your skin then has a chance to repair. This is my own personal opinion of the effects after they kicked in (Botox takes about 3 days to start to take effect on myself but it can take up to 7-14 days to see the full effects.) I now love how make up sits well on my skin, and indeed looks airbrushed without needing a fancy Instagram filter! No one can tell I’ve tried it, as I said I can still move my face (see below.) It’s subtle yet ever so effective. I would say it’s my little secret, but now I’ve decided to share with you all it’s not so secret any more. But hell, why should it be?  It’s less intrusive than a chemical peel and you can get it done in 20 minutes with the effects wearing off after 3 months (although everyone is different.)


I heartily recommend The Anti Aging Clinic! You have to be so careful with these kind of procedures because, yes, they can go wrong. I’m not going to lie and I’m not here to make botox sound like it’s a safe treatment you can have done anywhere, because in the wrong hands it’s not safe at all (I can vouch from person experience.) Which is WHY it’s so important you go to a trusted doctor who comes highly recommended, and you know I only recommend people in this column who I genuinely love myself. So if you really want a new you for the new year then maybe pop in and have a chat with Dr Mark Holmes. I’ll leave all his details below.

All the best

Hayley x 0845 456 8524 [email protected] Dr Mark Holmes now has two clinics, one in Essex (5 mins from Buckhurst Hill tube station on central line) and one in East Grinstead, Sussex.