Foot Perspiration


foot-perspiration If your foot perspires and sweats a lot, then you might end up with bad smelly feet. This is because sweat is one of the prime factors that make your feet vulnerable to bacteria and fungi infections, which in turn lead to bad odor. To cure this problem, you need to acquaint yourself with some common causes of foot perspiration.

Keeping your foot trapped in your shoes for a long time is a prime cause of foot perspiration, especially in wet and humid conditions. This provides a perfect environment for the breeding of bacterial and fungal infections. Foot perspiration is also a medical problem and can be caused by a number of foot infections, commonly those of fungal infections.

Along with being caused by certain infections and some unhealthy or unhygienic conditions, there are also certain other factors that can lead to excessive foot perspiration. One of them includes stress. We all have heard about numerous drawbacks of stress for our overall health. Now, you can add another problem to its kitty as stress has been found to trigger the problem of foot perspiration.

Obesity and certain problems of the thyroid gland can also lead to the problem of foot perspiration. Thus, first find out the cause behind your problem so as to effectively prevent and treat it.

The best way to prevent foot perspiration is to follow some basics of foot hygiene. The primary amongst this includes keeping your feet dry and clean. Use of foot and antibacterial powder helps. Avoid keeping your feet in shoes for a long time and regularly change your socks as not doing so can lead to excessive foot perspiration which in turn can lead to infections and not so desirable problem of foot odor. In case you problem is due to some underlying medical condition, then you must consult your doctor for the same.

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