Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and delicate phase of a woman’s life. Healthy eating and healthy living become even more important and essential for a pregnant woman as she not only has to look after her own health but also the health and safety of her developing fetus. Given below are thus certain food items which should be avoided during pregnancy so as to have a safe and healthy delivery.

For a healthy pregnancy, you need to consume a healthy and well balanced diet which provides all the essential nutrients to your body. Ensure that you eat food items from all the food groups so as to fulfill growing nutrient demand of the body during pregnancy. However, along with paying attention to what to eat, you should also be aware of the food items you need to avoid.

Balanced diet

During pregnancy, you strictly need to avoid raw seafood such as oysters. Similarly, avoid raw meat, fish with mercury and fish exposed to industrial pollutants. You might argue that fish is a good source of protein. While this is true, there are also certain fishes which are unsafe for pregnant women due to unsafe levels of naturally occurring mercury.

Avoid Sea Food

Moreover, processed or canned fish also needs to be avoided as they are preserved in salt solution which in turn may lead to water retention. You need to pay special attention while cooking fats and oils. This is because saturated and Tran’s fats are best avoided. Liver and liver products should also be avoided as they contain excess amounts of retinol which may prove bad for your developing fetus or child. andAlcohol intake smoking are best avoided during any stage of life. However, ban them at least during your pregnancy period.

Avoid Alcohol intake smoking

Follow the given tips and avoid the above mentioned food items for a safe and healthy pregnancy.