Foods for your Hair’s Health


foods-for-your-haire28099s-health We all have heard of various kinds of foods and diet that are good for the mind and body of a person. But have you ever thought of how food can enhance the health and quality of your hair. Hair too needs proper nutrition and nourishment to grow healthily. But not many of us tend to take care of this fact. The result is that we end up with weak, brittle, lack luster and dull hair that frequently break up and fall. Given below are some tips on foods that should be included in one’s diet to have healthy hair.

If you are tired of your dull, weak and unmanageable hair despite washing and conditioning them, then you need to turn back to basics. And the basic says that for healthy hair, you need a healthy diet. A well balanced diet with inclusion of all essential vitamins and minerals is a must. Green vegetables and fresh fruits are particularly helpful. Being an excellent source of the important vitamins like A and C, green vegetables help in providing you with healthy hair. Thus, make friends with spinach and other green veggies to embark the route towards naturally healthy and shinning hair.

Since your hair have proteins as their building blocks, having a diet rich in protein will help you out. Similarly, omega 3 fatty acids are helpful for your hair’s growth and health and thus you can incorporate foods rich in this fatty acid in your diet. Foods like salmon and flaxseed can help you out. Calcium and iron are also necessary for healthy hair and thus you should eat foods like lentils, pulses, peas, eggs, nuts and others.

The food items given above should be included in your diet if you want to turn your dream of having long, healthy and shinning hair into a reality.

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