Food Precaution During Menstruation Period

Food Precaution

Women suffer from various other problems and as if they were not enough, the biological problem which comes in the form of monthly discharge of impure blood from the body causes so much pain. Some women suffer more than the others do.

However, there are certain restrictions on food that can decrease the quantity of pain. Change your eating time table when you have this problem. Make your three meals into six small meals in a day, this increase your blood sugar and your mood will be cheerful or lifted. Make sure meals contain sufficient amount of calcium because its deficiency can aggravate your depression and you may even feel irritated.   There will be instability in your mood and your mood swing will rise more.

Calcium Meal

There are different range of consuming food and intake of per person according to the age. If you are 9 to 18 years, you must take 1300mg per day and if you are from 19 to 50, then you should be taking 1000mg per day. There is a limit that you must not exceed 2500mg per day. Your evening primrose contains gamma- linolenic acid and which your body can convert it into prostaglandins. This helps to regulate inflammation and pain.

Gamma-Linolenic Acid

If you find that the above remedies are not enough, then go for chaste tree berry. The intake of this will decrease the pain. Besides, you can take capsules of vitamin B6, this although is not recommended every time but at certain case you can consult your doctor and eat. Apart from this one can go for vitamin E, it is proved to be helpful while reliving the pain. This you can take along with your diet itself. Take food which contains this vitamin. If you are a regular drinker, you need to avoid it for betterment of your health.

Vitamin E

Whenever, you have pain just keep in mind these routines to take foods.

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