4 Flower Accessories For Hair To Spice Up Your Personality

Flower Accessories For Hair

Flower Accessories For Hair

Women of all ages are keen to adorn their long, luscious hair with various types of hair accessories. They do it mainly to accentuate the beauty of their hair and entire personality. Have you ever considered doing it by wearing flower hair accessories that gorgeously doll up your appearance with lovely feminine touch? 

Below are discussed some reasons for embracing floral hair accessories, if you have not considered them as a great hair accessory option yet.

Floral Hair Accessories as Wonderful Way to Do Up your Look

No one can deny the irresistible beauty of vibrant flowers; and wearing them on your hair is an ultimate thing to adorn your naturally flowing locks. Many celebrities have chosen to wear charming flower hair accessories on important red carpet occasions, which simply do the magic of elegantly sprucing up their entire personality.

Goes Well With Any Hair Style

Simply adding a flower to your hair is an easy way of adding fun factor to your hair style. Whether you are flaunting an up do, side swept or tied up hair style, an elegant floral accessory can jazz up your look and outfit.

Suitable For Any Occasions

Flower accessories are a fitting choice for any occasions, when it comes to embellishing your hair.

Suitable For Occasions

They are not only suitable for weddings or special occasions, but can be elegantly flaunted in parties, outdoor events, spring and summer celebrations and other informal events. The best thing about floral hair accessories is their lovely potential to complement most of the feminine outfits.

Enhances The Much Adored Feminine Feel

The soft touch real or faux floral hair accessories are great in attaching the much required feminine quotient to your appearance. You can make your personality simply stunning and lovely by attaching a graceful floral clip, band or pins to your hair. They are great in enhancing your look with sophistication and elegance. They surely complement your bubbly and lively personality.

Real or Faux Floral Accessories

Flower hair accessories can be real or artificial. Wearing real flowers is an economical and attractive option. Real flowers can be artistically attached to any head band or pin. Since they tend to wither away quickly, they are not suitable to be worn for long hours. Additionally, most flowers are more likely to attract insects also.

Real flowers

Synthetic flowers are lighter than their real counterparts, and hence become a more attractive choice. They will allow you to stay in real picture-perfect condition for longer hours. Faux floral hair accessories are available in wide range of options from both local and online specialty stores. These artificial flowers are commonly made from silk, metals, crystals, etc.

Floral accessories made of high quality silk are in great demand, since they lend an ultra natural look and soft touch texture. These accessories are available in the exact replica of roses, peonies, lilies, and other various types of blossoms. Flower hair accessories made from satin, organza, tulle etc. are also in great demand. You can choose from a wide choice of faux accessories in such a way as to coordinate with your outfit and other trimmings.

4 Popular Types of Flower Hair Accessories

There are bewildering types of floral hair accessories, and the popular ones are: specially made bridal hair accessories, hair pins, brooch hair clips, flower fascinators, hair clips, barrettes, veils, head bands, wreaths etc.

Bridal Floral Accessories

Floral accessories are popular as bridal hair accessories from time immemorial. These gorgeous and feminine accents have a special place in the minds of every bride, and hence have become eternally popular. Bridal headpieces that are adorned with floral patterns can add a heavenly and romantic touch to the event that marks the union of two souls.

  Bridal Floral Accessories

Floral pieces are usually worn alone or paired with a birdcage veil or customary tulle veil. Floral accessories are considered to be one of the perfect hair accents for beach weddings, garden weddings and church weddings. Handcrafted feather touch petals made from luxury satin and silk garments will elegantly gel well with the bridal attire. Bridal floral hair accessories often come studded with feathers, crystals, faux pearls and semi-precious stones.

Bridal hair combs that are studded with crystal beads are a great hit among brides since they add the much needed classiness to the hair style, along with supporting the locks. Wedding lace head bands that come adorned with porcelain flowers and rhinestones are perfect for weddings. They are easy to wear and give a crown like appearance. Floral wedding tiaras, floral veils and flower combs are great for weddings giving the faultless finishing touch for any bride’s glamorous day.

Floral Hair Clips and Pins

There are different types of floral hair clips that are handcrafted and hand cut to give the wonderful life-like look. Lilly flower hair clips are popular among both adults and kids. These bright and multi-hued simple hair clips are sure to instantly add vivacious look to the personality of the wearer. These clips often feature an elegant stone or other embellishment at the center.

Floral Hair Clips

Ivory white rose flower clips, peach chrysanthemum hair clips, bright blue carnation hair clip etc. made from satin and velvet fabric are really charming. These flower clips can be simply attached to your hair as the centre of attraction. They definitely go well with any type of hairdos. Adorable and small floral hair pins can be neatly pinned on your hair in layers to flaunt an extravagant feminine feel. Single flower hair pins and clips are more popular.

Floral Headbands

Crystal head bands are usually worn on wedding days. There are simple and gracefully crafted headbands in other synthetic materials that can be used on practically any occasions. There are head bands that come fastened with feathers, and other floral shapes and patterns.

Floral Headbands


Most of these flower replica pieces are made of satin, silk or other felt fabric. There are head bands that come studded with a layer of flowers all through its length, and those that feature a single large flower on their side. Both of these types have their own talent to add the much needed alluring appeal. Multi-hued hair bands with big floral attachments will look cute even on kids and babies.

Flower Head Combs

Richly adorned hair combs are more ideal for weddings, but there are simple head combs with vivacious floral attachments that are more suitable for casual and informal events. Floral head combs are not only ornamental but are functional also.

Flower Head Combs

They are great in keeping your hair locks intact preventing them from getting messier. Floral hair accessories will go with any kind of hair styles and presentations in a unique manner given that you compliment them with delightfully flowing and feminine attire.