Flirting : Made Easy

Ways To Flirt Successfully

How often have we secretly envied that office colleague who easily gets what she wants and when she wants it form her male counterparts?

Admit it! We actually go green with envy when we hear or see female colleagues chatting away nonchalantly with managers, team leaders and co workers who don’t even give us a second glance.

You may be attractive and smart. You may be friendly and caring. However, if you want to be visible to your male counterparts, it doesn’t hurt to flirt with them a bit. So if you find a really cute guy in office you desperately want to get close to, follow these simple cues to have him notice you seriously.

Make Eye Contact: Ok this doesn’t mean you have to go all gooey eyed and keep ogling him at all times. Look at him for a brisk moment and then look away. Keep giving him flirtatious looks until he realises that it is him you are interested in and walks over to say hi.

It pays to give him a complete look from top to bottom before giving a nod of approval and a sweet smile in his direction. And once he walks over to you, show your interest in making conversation rather than turning away or pretending to not hear him.

Sweet Whispers: Sometime a small whisper in his direction can bring him running to you rather than a loud shout that would probably make everyone on the floor aware of your intentions.

Again, if you are approached by someone you don’t fancy, show your dislike in a polite manner rather than making a scene. This attitude can project you as a cool and composed person to the guy you want to impress.

Buddies: At a party or gathering, you can possibly ask your friend to watch your back and move through a group of men (preferably if your target is in the group). This way you can find out if your guy or someone else from the group is eyeing you. Your friend will be able to notice who is watching you and this in turn can help you choose your date for the evening.

Being Alone: Let’s say there’s this guy in office you are dying to go out with. There may be a strong chance that he has the same feelings for you but doesn’t want to show them out in front of your friends. In such cases, it is best recommended to shrug off your friends for some time and create opportunities where you he can find you alone somewhere.

No sexual advances please: Flirting can have its side effects if not done properly. You need to play it straight and avoid getting sexual advances in the process. Choose your words correctly and make sure that the other person understands you are not flirting with him just for the heck of it.

It is better to wear sophisticated and somber clothes that do not reveal too much flesh but still show off your curves in the right places. This way, you will be immediately noticed by that special someone at office.

The correct approach: Finally, don’t pretend to be a person you are not in order to garner attention. At the end of the day, you will feel as if you are cheating the other person by hiding your true self for him.

Be proud of yourself and your principles, be positive in displaying the same to others and most of all, take criticism in your stride. Try to free your mind off unwanted distractions and be cheerful at all times. Your positive mindset will definitely rub off on others and you will get noticed by everyone at office, especially the person you have your eyes on.

fathima abubakr