Flat Shoes For Women

Flat Shoes For Women

Flat Shoes For Women High heels may look sensuous but wearing them for long stretches of time is a bit daunting (and painful). So make some room in your shoe cabinet for flat shoes. Don’t you worry! Flats are trendy and add spunk to your wardrobe. You’ll find flats in varied colors, shapes and you can be assured that you’ll find one for every occasion. The right choice of flats is comfy, sensuous and edgy.

Types of Flat Shoes for Women


If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that exude a funky charm loafers are for you! Loafers are a type of slip-on shoes. Loafers have a moccasin construct but look really trendy.

Flat Shoes For Women

You can slip on a loafer and go out with your friends to the coffee shop or wear one while you’re walking your dog in the evening. They are good for college too. Loafers come in a wide range of colors, from classic black, brown and beige to stylish neon pink and funky green.


Pretty ballerinas complement just about any outfit. They are fun, cute and girly! You can get them in a number of colors and prints. In fact fill your shoe rack with different printed ballerinas- floral, animal or striped. If you’re not a print lover you can buy ballerinas that come with embellishments like a cute bow, flowers, beads or feathers. Ballerinas look best with frilly or ruffled dress or a skirt. If you want something more bold, you can opt for shimmery ballerinas which will be perfect for a girls’ night out.


If you’re on the sporty side, sneakers will look good on you. In fact sneakers are best for outdoor activities too because they provide a firm grip and are anti-slip. Sneakers for women are widely available.

Flat Shoes For Women

They even come in colors like coral and pink, and if you’re lucky enough, you might get some printed sneakers too (floral, polka, starry etc). Sneakers look best with a pair of fitted jeans or hot pants and tees.

Flat Peep Toes

Peep toes are shoes which have a small opening in the front to show-case the pretty toes. I had mostly seen peep toes in heels but recently while shopping I saw this cute pair which was completely flat! Peep toes, too come in a wide range of colors, prints and material. They look good with jumpsuits, dresses, fitted skirts and trousers.

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If you think that flip-flops are just home wear, well you’ve seen nothing! Flip-flops have raged the fashion floors like never before. In fact it’s kind of “cool” to wear a pair of flip-flops to college. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to flip-flops.

Flat Shoes For Women

They come in a never-ending array of colors, prints and some even have added embellishments. You can wear them to college, water park, pool side or even to the beach.


If you’re not into style and just love flats for comfort, a neutral pair of sandals is your best bet. Sandals are really safe and you can never go wrong with them. Try something in tan, beige, brown and black. They are perfect for both casual and formal outings.

Ethnic Flats

This is a new entry to the world of flats and I guess they’ve just tweaked the flip-flops to give it an ethnic look. Laces, embroidery and sparkling beads adorn these ethnic flats.

Flat Shoes For Women

They are mostly meant for Indian, Pakistani or Middle-Eastern outfits. Popularly they are known as “jootis” and are hand-made. Catwalk and INC.5 have started selling ethnic flats but they are easily available at market places.