Flat Feet Problems


flatfeet There are various kinds of foot related problems a person can suffer from. A Flat foot is one such problem and it can be caused by a number of factors like obesity, excessive pressure on feet, injury, genetics and others.

While most of us tend to neglect this foot related problem, flat feet can lead to other problems too. This article will throw light on some common flat feet problems.

Having flat feet not only implies having feet which are flatter in shape, it also means having a foot related problem that can have an adverse affect on one’s overall health. To begin with, a flat foot can ache and lead to pain which is mild to severe in magnitude.

People suffering from flat feet usually complain of pain while standing up or while applying any kind of pressure on the feet. This in turn has an adverse affect on the normal activities of a person and often leads to mobility challenges. It has been found that there are many people with flat feet who develop walking challenges over a period of time.

Along with foot ache, flat feet can also causes swelling in the lower foot or in the heel region. In addition, the foot can become stiff and weak. Also, people with flat feet experience numbness in their feet.

Not only does the problem of flat feet affect the feet region, it also affects the health of one’s legs, hips, and back. A flat foot often leads to the problem of back pain, especially lower back and hip pain. In addition, over a period of time, it can also adversely affect the health of your knees.

According to medical research, it has been found that people with flat feet are at a higher risk for arthritis and tendonitis. A flat foot leads to fatigue and weakness in the limbs and thus disrupts the healthy and active life of a person.

Given above are the various problems which accompany the problem of flat feet. One should thus try to prevent this problem to lead a healthy and a fit life.

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