Finding it hard to get a sound sleep? Read this!


Is your hectic working schedule leaving you with less number of hours to sleep down? May be or may be not! Remember that it’s just a one single reason affecting your sleep, there are many more to go! Just read the following article and check out what’s really affecting your sleep.

Do you know that logging in to your email account for long period of time, watching the late night movies or even playing games and SMSing disturbs your sleeping patterns in a big way? These things not only kill your precious time but make your eyes get droopy too. Mind it, that whenever you sit down in front of television or your computer, your brain starts stimulating, making it difficult for you to sleep. So, it would be better that you switch off the lights of your bedroom once you start feeling tired and worn –out. Remember that exposure to light at bedtime interferes with your body clock by creating a fake sense of alertness.

Your eating habits do play an important role in affecting your sleeping behavior. You must have heard from your elders that drinking a warm glass of milk at night certainly provides you a sound and a restful sleep. Well this is 100% true. So if you finding it hard to sleep then go for it! Remember at some foods are really beneficial in getting a good night sleep as compare to others. Fruits like bananas, pears and whole wheat bread really helps you to have great sound sleep at night. So if you find yourself struggling with your sleep, increase the intake of such foodstuff in your diet. But make sure you cut down the intake of these foods at daytime when you want to work at your best energy level.

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