Final Fitness Relationship with David and Naomi

Good relationships work for many reasons, you have to have a bit of give and take and understanding each other is a must. Finding some thing that interests both of you will help your relationship grow and keep it fresh.

With all this relationship wisdom in mind we thought it would be a great idea to speak to David and Naomi about there lifestyle and relationship tips.

David White and Naomi Rose seem to be flying high in the fitness world combing there love of music, art, fashion, beauty, and of course fitness to create an amazing site unlike any other

Living and working together is one thing many people say can’t work so we were more than keen to don our gym gear and find out a bit more.

Q.So Naomi and David we have looked at the site and thing you have done a great job, tell us what the site is and why your created it.

Naomi: Thanks we have worked hard on it, David has been a fitness model for some time and has worked for many of the major brands and magazines, giving us lots of links to people in the industry. He also studied fine art at University so has a keen eye for visuals.  We both used to buy lots of fitness and beauty magazines, but found that they didn’t give us real information, so it seemed like the next step to create our own!

David: I’ve always felt strongly that the fitness world needed a website to inspire people and giving them the truth about what they wanted to know. Teaming up with Naomi on this project was easy, she writes all the women’s fitness articles and beauty reviews has always had a passion for this lifestyle too.  We believe the site gives people a massive range of information unlike any other.

Q. Now we know more about what you both do we want to find out more about how all this works between you both. How would you describe your lifestyle.

David: We share loads of interests and have the same drive and goals so it works well. We go to the gym together and generally eat healthy. When going to the gym our goals are different so Naomi will do more cardio than me then I will work with her on boxing and weights. Its also great to do an Ab workout together as you can help each other and reach your full potential, obviously I wouldn’t expect Naomi to help me lift big weights and I wouldn’t like it if she could haha.

We do loads apart from the gym of course, and love being creative, Naomi who is amazing at writing music uses her creative skills on our Final Fitness TV shows as well as her own projects. I still love creating the graphics for the website as well as my own artwork.

Naomi: We love to include all our interests in our lives and support each-other fully in what we are trying to achieve, whether its in fitness, art or music.  What we think is most important, is respecting each other, and always believing that anything is possible.

Q. Do you have any tips for a healthy couple lifestyle.

David: I think the main thing would be to understand each-other and talk about your dreams and passions, this way you can help each-other achieve your ambitions, this will bring you closer as well.

With our relationship I think its important to never say you cant do something in life, we are both trying to achieve our goals in the creative world which can be the hardest industry to survive in, if you have some one that always believes and supports you than it makes 100% difference and gives you positive belief.

Naomi: As for the healthy part, you should try and find something to do together this could be just a walk in the park or a run, Tennis, maybe cook together and take an interest in healthy foods. The main thing to remember is that this should be a lifestyle and not a one off, try and bring this into your everyday lifestyle. We often cook together, or go for meals.  Its important to make time for each other, away from work.  We always try to spend one day a week together, going for a long walk or for sushi!

Q. In a few words can you sum up a good relationship

David: I think a good relationship should be about understanding, if you both understand each-other you can build on that. Achieving goals together can then follow and make you stronger. Working together on things also helps.

Going for a walk or a run twice a week on a regular bases will help you no end, most of all have fun, laughing is great for you. And checking out our website will defiantly help you