Feminine Hygiene To Maintain Healthy Vagina

The vagina of a woman, which is like the mouth of a human, consists of a lot of microscopic organisms in it usually. It is the acidic environment of the vagina that helps in preventing one species from overpowering another one and thus causes infection. The vagina smells pleasant if it is healthy. This smell changes when there is an infection. So, the smell is a deciding factor of the vagina’s health status. The health is however directly determined by the lifestyle, weight and also the diet of a woman. So, following a few basic rules can help in maintaining the vagina’s health and smell.

The important factors in maintaining feminine hygiene are the vagina consists of a lot of infectious organs and therefore, the vagina and the rectum should be wiped after defecation. The anus should be washed immediately and the vulva can be rinsed with warm water. Some special ph soaps can be used to wash off the genital area after the woman urinates every time.

Vaginal irrigation need not be usually done as this can cause disturbance to the acid environment. Alternative sessions of intercourse using vaginal and anal should be prohibited. When the penis of man or any other object at all enters the anus, it should be disinfected and only then penetrated into the vagina to maintain the feminine hygiene.

Diet directly influences the smell of vagina. Eating vegetables, fruits, meat and consuming lesser quantity will also help in the pleasant smell of the vagina. At least, two liters of water must be consumed everyday to keep the female hygiene. Using condoms while indulging in sexual activities with unfamiliar persons are essential. It is also to be made sure that the fingers or male organ is clean when inserted.

The following are factors that can cause unpleasant smell in the vagina and these are cases where a gynecologist should be consulted. They are bacterial vaginosis can cause a fishy smell, when woman suffers from yeast infections it is better to consult a doctor and get prescribed drugs rather than getting over-the-counter medicines, sexually transmitted disease called trichomoniasis which is accompanied with symptoms like itching, discharge and burning.