Fashion Styles : Zodiac Signs

Fashion With A Zodiac sign

Ever thought that the dresses and accessories we wear can to a large extent influence our lives apart from just projecting us as fashionable people?

Well, here’s the truth. According to fashion experts and zodiac advisors, our daily wear can either make our lives peaceful and harmonious or miserable and filled with negative energy. It all depends on the clothes and accessories you wear and whether they complement your zodiac sign.

Interested? Well, read on! Clothes and accessories tend to have a negative impact if they do not match the personality of the person who wears them. Accordingly, colors also play important roles in ascertaining a person’s luck for the day.

This kind of fashion styles which mix with the zodiac signs is called Zodiac Fashion and is fast becoming a rage with people around the world who wish to look trendy and send out positive vibrations as well. Zodiac fashion extends not only to auspisicious dresses but also inlcudes daily wear like corporate suits and vacation attire.

Designers and experts who deal with the style reveal that zodiac fashion takes into consideration the five elements of nature which include fire, water, earth, air and sky. Everything from the fabric and the texture of the dress to the color and the design are thought out in par with the respective zodiac sign.

Accordingly, natural fibres (made from plants and animals) which cool the body are chosen for those with the fire sign while those with the water sign can opt for chemical or man made fibres. Again colors like multi hued cottons work well for Leos while linen fits Virgos and bling suits Ariens.

Its not dresses alone that are designed in par with the zodiac signs. Even shoes follow the same style and are designed according to the elements of wood and color, both of which have healing effects.

Shoes that follow the zodiac fashion style are designed with synthetic material but substitute astrological wood at the sole instead of leather.

If you are a believer of zodiac signs and want to know what clothes and accessories would best suit you, check the list below to pick  your zodiac fashion.

Aries: As the first sign in the zodiac list, Aries reflects royality, the same quality that is endowed upon people born under the sign. Accordingly, people who come under this fire sign need to wear pure fabrics and must refrain from wearing real leather and silver. The best colors for outfits would be blue, red and orange which make them look flattering.

Taurus: People born under this sun sign can revel in silk clothing that can be in light shades of brown, green and white. Accordingly, Taureans can opt for plain cut or multilayered attire.

Gemini: If you belong to this zodiac sign, then the best bet for you would be to opt for linens and pure cottons. You can wear gold, silver and platinum ornaments while going green or white with your dress colors.

Cancer: This sign is ruled by the moon as a result of which people born under it tend to be naughty and unstable. Soft fabrics like cotton, silk and linen can stablise their emotions and simple cut white dresses can keep their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Leo: Leo, the sign of the lion throws off a positive aura which would be nullified or diminished in the presence of real leather or gold. People born under this zodiac sign should refrain from wearing feathers, silver and iron; and opt for simple cotton clothes that come in shades of orange, red and yellow.

Virgo: Pure linen and cotton fabrics are recommended for those who come under this sun sign and symmetrical clothing is advised in contrast to elaborate cuts.

Sunny shades and bright colors should be avoided as much as possible and gold, silver and platinum jewelry studded with emeralds work well with their positive energy.

Libra: People who come under this zodiac sign should opt for synthetic and silk fabrics. Colors like red and orange do not go well with their personalities in addition to silver and platinum jewelry that nullifies their positive traits.

Scorpio: Scorpions are born with the water sign and hence should opt for pure fabrics that are decorated with orange, red and yellow laces. Plain and multiple cut fabrics would do and they should refrain from wearing silver and platinum jewelry.

Sagittarius: Ruled by the massive Jupiter, Sagittarians should go for gold jewelry that would show off against bright colors like light orange, yellow and saffron. The recommended fabrics would be pure silks.

Capricorn: Symbolised as rooted mountain goats, those born under this sun sign should opt for linens, cottons and pure silks. Colors like brown, black and blue will highlight their positive features. Capricorns should refrain from wearing copper and gold ornaments.

Aquarius: Generally strong willed and powerful, aquarians should opt to wear darker colors that highlight their decision making aspects.

Pisces: Originally gentle and soft spoken, Pisceans can show off their traits in shades of orange, yellow and saffron with more attention given to natural fabrics.

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