Family Entertainment, Family Values and a Happy Family


How often have you wondered if all is well in your family? How sure are you that your family is one singular unit that would remain so in the conceivable future? How comfortable are you with the idea of your family members having a sense of belonging to each other and to your family? These are questions that bring in doubts and uncertainties into your mind, especially when you are concerned about family values and family traditions. And the challenge for any woman is to make sure family members enjoy one another’s presence in a busy world of constant distractions.

In today’s world, family members sharing quality time with one another is a rarity, as parents and children alike are busy with their own schedules. Further, even if it is not just the official work or the academic schedule that is spoiling the family party, it is the entertainment world that barges into the family room.

Television watching is an addiction for kids and for adults who seek relaxation after a busy day. Television viewing wasn’t so much of a menace earlier, when cable television hadn’t invaded the household yet. Satellite television and the range of choices in television programs have got into the way of quality time spent at home.

The concept of family dining is associated with restaurants these days, than they are with dining together at home. And with internet access having become a household phenomenon, children tend to spend much time in online chat rooms; the friend circle of your children has grown to include online friends.

It is, hence, a necessity that parents spend quality time with children. And as a home maker, you need to make sure the family stays together. For starters, encourage open communication among family members; and let freedom of expression take center stage.

Form a routine that includes family entertainment in the agenda. Make room for a family outing once in a while, taking time off your busy schedules. Engage your children in family fun, in, perhaps, amusement parks. And exclude the television from your family dining.

With wireless internet access becoming the norm, try to put it to good use, if you are one of the numerous working women. Make sure you and your spouse have a good work life balance in your busy careers. Family values are created through deliberate measures – and your efforts pay off handsomely as a happy family.

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