Facial Skin Care

Face is one of the biggest beauty asset of our body which needs proper care and attention to display a gorgeous look. However, it is not necessary to indulge in daily cosmetic treatments to get those eyeballs rolling in your direction. Taking daily care of your face skin can help in providing a much better and a natural care. If you want to protect your skin from harsh effects of sunrays and pollution without indulging in extra money or effort, then read below for some effective natural facial care tips.

The basic tip demands keeping your face clean and hygienic by washing it after coming from outside. You can get a quick facial at home by splashing your face with lots of warm water and then moisturizing it through an olive oil massage. You can scrub your face with half-teaspoon of sugar. Wipe off your face with a warm, wet cloth to experience the natural bliss of home facial. If you have oily skin, then you should keep it clean so as to avoid the formation of acne. However, do not over-wash your face too frequently as that would have a reverse effect as your skin’s oil glands tend to produce more oil to compensate for the loss.

Along with home facials, you can use an effective toning mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar and dissolve few aspirins in it twice a day to counter any aging signs on your face. Vinegar helps in flaking off dead skin cells and aspirin helps in preventing as well as fighting acne formations. In addition, use olive as a natural makeup remover and olive oil mixed with melted beeswax helps as a great lip balm. Following these daily facial skin care tips can help a great deal in keeping your face lively and radiant.

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  • marik

    I have been trying for years to find the right moisturizer for my skin, which despite being super oily and prone to breakouts, dries up and flakes in certain areas. It’s been so severe that I have not been able to wear make-up, because it would just accentuate it.

    From the first day I used the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer (from the Made from Earth skincare line), the problem was eradicated. It was heavy but NOT oily, and the dry spots were gone! Not only that, but my skin was wonderfully clear and soft.

    After I ran out of this, I tried using a more expensive Estee Lauder cream, and the dryness was back in a few days. Yes, the price tag is a bit steep, and as some reviewers have mentioned, but its is HYPOallergic and worth it to avoid any reactions – perfect for those of us like me with ULTA sensitive skin.

    Definitely give it a try is you have tried everything and nothing seems to work – This moisturizer is well worth looking into!