Face Mask for Dry Skin

Home made Face Masks are a natural way to rejuvenate and revitalize your dry and worn out skin. Since dry skin has a low level of sebum, it presents a parched look due to its inability to retain moisture. Such kind of skin needs extra care and protection to prevent it from frequent lapses of dryness and cracking. There are many natural methods available as a home made facial mask can bring about a much healthier effect on one’s skin in comparison to the market made ones.

An effective Facial Mask for dry skin can be prepared at home by mixing one egg yolk with one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon olive and Vitamin E oil. This mask should be applied on the face for about 15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.
Another homemade face mask specially designed for dry skin can be made by mixing plain yogurt with ¼ finely crushed almonds, 2 tsp honey and 2 tsp wheat germ oil. Crushed almonds contain an exfoliating power which helps in eliminating dead skin. Similarly, wheat germ oil contains vitamin E and honey helps in adhering mask to the skin.

Fruit masks are helpful in treating the condition of dry skin and one can make watermelon, papaya and strawberry mask at home to attain the desired effect. To make a watermelon and a papaya fruit mask, one should mix ½ watermelon with 2 small pieces of papaya and 1 banana along with adding some milk cream in it. This paste should be applied on the face for about 15-20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. For treating the problem of dry skin, one should avoid the use of orange and lime.

In addition to the above mentioned facial masks, one should use Aloe Vera as it is soothing, healing and rejuvenating. A natural, healthy and a glowing skin is just around the corner and one just needs to take proper care of one’s skin to make it glow and shine with health.

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