Eye Strengthening Exercises

The world will remain beautiful, colorful and vivid only if we take proper care of our invaluable eyes. We generally associate exercises only with one’s physical development of the body but our eyes too need proper exercises so as to remain healthy and fresh. This is because eyes are one of those parts of our body which are stressed and strained the maximum due to one’s watching TV, computer or by doing any normal activity of the day. Exercises designed to strengthen one’s eyes help in providing relaxation to the tired eyes along with strengthening the eye muscles to improve vision and to prevent any eye related disorder.

To strengthen one’s vision and concentration, one can perform simple yet effective exercises which can also be referred as a form of yoga for one’s eye. This involves focusing one’s eyes on the tip of one’s nose without blinking. Similarly concentrating on a particular object like a pen can help a great deal in strengthening one’s eye muscles. After performing this basic exercise, one should try to focus on one’s “third eye” without blinking. This is the area which is between one’s eyebrows and above the nose. While this activity would feel painful and uncomfortable in the first attempt, one should try to maintain one’s focus as this helps in improving vision and concentration along with aiding in the strengthening of the eye muscles.

Other exercises which can prove helpful for one’s eyes are those which involves keeping one’s head straight and focusing on any thing on one’s left side and then on one’s right hand side. After performing this exercise for 10-15 minutes, one should repeat this exercise by looking upwards and then downwards. Rolling of one’s eyes is also an effective way of exercising one’s eye muscles. Following some simple and basic exercises, one can ensure the proper health and well-being of one’s eyes which in turn can help in the improvement of vision along with providing protection from various eye related disorders.