Exercises For Sturdy Legs

leg firming exercises

Women’s health greatly depends on diet and exercise. There are women who have flabby look but are not bothered about it. To have good health and fitness one must ensure that they have sturdy legs as it holds the entire weight of the body.

But studies have shown that large percentage of women are trying to find ways to firm their legs. The women folk are putting extra effort to have toned legs that will make others look at them. If you have a toned leg, it will increase the confidence of the individual and give strength to the legs.

It will make you feel free to wear the kind of clothes you wish to wear regardless of their length. The best thing about exercising for firm legs is that there are different equipments available that can be used to shape up your body.

Dumbbells are one of the equipment that is available in every gym and when used properly will have great improvement in your legs. The first exercise that can be done using dumbbells is the pile heels up squat. This exercise needs to be done by standing and keeping your feet wide apart.

The toes and the knees should be pointing outside and using both your arms hold one dumbbell. Slowly start going to neutral position and try to shift your weight towards your feet. Then bend both the knees and lower your hip towards the floor. Make sure that you do not bend forward or backwards.

After this position you must press your heels down and straighten your legs pushing it back to the starting position. This needs to be done initially with lightweight dumbbells and the weight can be increased as you move forward and also based on your strength. The number of times this exercise is repeated should be increased slowly so that it does not give pain in your legs.

Many women due to enthusiasm try to workout more during the initial period but after the workout they have pain in their legs. So, must always follow the instructions given by your trainer. This exercise will not only strengthen the legs but will also shape up your buttocks and is good for quads and calves too.


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