Exercises for Obese


Everyone wants to have a perfect figure and high fitness level. It not only makes them look and feel good, but is also essential for the healthy living of a person. This is because being overweight implies giving invitation to various kinds of ailments ranging from cardiovascular disorders to even psychological depression and low self-esteem. Along with healthy eating, you need to indulge in regular exercises to get rid of those extra pounds. But for that, you need to follow certain exercises designed specifically for obese people so that they reduce weight without harming or injuring themselves. Given below are some exercises helpful for obese people.

If you are obese, then your fitness regime would be different from others. Thus you should consult your doctor as your exercises should be those which minimize joint stress, elevated heart stress or ligament and muscle strains. Here is a mentioning of some exercises which are safe and useful for a majority of obese people. For obese people, sit down exercises are a good option. These involve sitting down on a chair and performing a variety of arm raises, leg lifts, bends and leans. These help in building basic muscle strength thereby slowly raising stamina and strength for future exercises. For strength and endurance, water exercises are a good option for the obese. This is because, when in water, there is much less load on the joints and bones. A great number of exercises can be done in water like jumping, standing breaststrokes, arm swishes, leg lifts and kicks. The simplest and most effective exercise appropriate for obese people is that of walking. In the beginning, an obese person should walk a very short distance. Then, he can gradually increase his pace and distance for maximum effect.

Follow the above given special exercises for obese to remain fit and healthy.f