Exciting Boys’ Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom ideas

boys bedroom ideas Every child is special, whether it’s a girl or a boy. You want to give your kids the best of everything. It applies to their room as well. A child’s room is her/his very own space. When it comes to decorating a boys’ bedroom, there are many exciting options to choose from.

First of all you should know your son’s likings and preferences. Decorate his room to suit his personality. If he is a sporty kind of a person then choose the theme of sports for his bedroom, if he is an adventurous boy then a jungle safari theme would be better. If a boy is a nature lover then the interiors of his bedroom should represent natural elements.

Exciting Boys’ Bedroom Ideas

Ideas for Boys’ Bedroom based on Sports Theme

When you are designing boy’s bedroom based on sports theme, you have many options. Select a theme according to your son’s favourite sport. If he is fond of cricket then you can design the room in form of a cricket field. Paint the walls in green to represent grass and do the floor in wooden texture to give the look of a pitch. You can design the desk in shape of a mini pavilion, place ball shaped tables in the room. The legs of the chairs can be made to look like wickets and so on.

Boys' Bedroom based on Sports Theme

You can use the motifs of cricket gear like the bat, ball, pads and helmet on curtains, cushion covers, bed spread and area rugs. You can even shape the cushions in form of a cricket ball. It is certainly going to be exciting for boys. Similarly you can use other sports theme like water sports or skate boarding etc. for boys’ bedroom.

Ideas for Boys’ Bedroom based on Adventure Theme

Adventurous themes for boys’ bedroom would suit the boys who love safaris or excursions. You can use wall paper with trees and animal motifs to cover one wall of the room and paint the other walls in olive green or ochre shade to give the feel of a jungle.

Ideas for Boys’ Bedroom based on Adventure Theme

Animal prints on rugs, bedspreads or curtains will add to the fun. A grass mat will give the feel of a lush green forest. Design the bed to resemble a forest hut. Design the desk and tables using logs to create an original look. Electric lanterns can be used for lighting.

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Ideas for Boys’ Bedroom based on Natural Elements

Boys who love to be with nature can have a room with symbols of natural elements like water, garden, flowers and birds. You can chose to paint the walls in aqua colours like blue or sea green with fish, octopus and other sea animals motifs painted on them. Use lots of blue, yellow and green colour in the room to define nature.

Boys’ Bedroom based on Natural Elements

You can make mushroom shaped settees or tables with a tree trunk base. The curtains and furnishing should also carry the prints to go with the theme of nature. You can create a water body in one corner of the room with floating candles and water lilies floating in it or place an aquarium in the room.

There are endless possibilities to decorate Boys Bedroom. Use your imagination and let the creative juices flow.


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