Effects of cable TV on children

Undoubtedly cable TV has made its own mark on everyone now. It has definitely got a big corner in almost all the urban homes of today. If it is a part of social symbol for some then it is a necessity for others which helped them to keep in tune with the changing time.

The effects of cable TV on children are too strong to be ignored. The consequences of cable have now slowly begun to make its presence felt now. You may notice your child’s TV vocabulary improving each passing day while he/she fails to progress with their alphabets. They are often seen discussing about “extra channels” with their friends. Films, star plus emails, Wimbledon on prime sports and the latest hot music numbers on music channels like MTV are current topics among your children and they are getting more and more “star struck”.

If on one hand, cable TV has brought a new world of sheer entertainment and awareness of a new cultural to your homes. It has also exposed young minds of growing children to foreign culture too on the other hand. So make sure to keep a check on their TV watching otherwise it will make a strong effect on your kid with impressionable mind with its negative powers. It can overload your child’s brain, constantly exposé your child to an unknown culture and repeatedly access to the adult channels and shows too can affect him or her badly. Such TV activity in the absence of any physical movements on part of your child poorly affects his or her academic routine and his precious time which he could have otherwise utilized by indulging in various creative activities. Thus this way, your child pays a heavy price for viewing cable TV.

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