Effect of Music on Babies

We all know that music has a great healing and soothing effect on a person’s mind but how many of us are aware that music can be extremely beneficial for the development of new born babies. Lullabies have been an old tradition of putting your child to sleep and similarly, the first things which children learn are nursery rhymes. There is a pattern of sounds and rhythms in a child’s mind and thus music relates well with children. In addition, it has been found that music can have a positive effect on the child as it helps in the better development of their brain.

According to medical research, listening to classical music in particular, can help in improving the spatial reasoning of children thereby sharpening their minds and making them brainy. The reason why specific importance is given to classical music by composers like Beethoven or Mozart is because of complexity of structure in this kind of music which in turn helps the brain to solve spatial problems more quickly. However, this does not imply that music other than classical is bad as any kind of music has a positive effect on the child’s mind and mood and along with soothing them and putting them to sleep, they also aid in enhancing their learning qualities and capabilities.

As a parent, you can expose your child to the positive effects of music by playing music for him, by singing to him and also by giving him music lessons from an early stage of life so as to develop his thinking and cognitive effects. Music has natural healing and soothing powers for people of all age groups. Babies too can be benefited by the magical powers of music to develop into healthy human beings.

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