Educational Activities for a Toddler

The first schooling of a child begins at home and if you think that a child’s education starts only when he joins school, then you are probably wrong. While schools are important for the formal education of a child, the latter can also be taught some basic educational things at home before he attains the optimum age of going to school. to help your child grow into a healthy, smart and an intelligent child, you can indulge in the concept of ‘learning while playing’ in which you can encourage your toddler to take part in some fun yet educating activities. Given below are some healthy educational activities and games which can help in positive education of your toddler.

To begin with, you can easily teach your child with some mathematical skills by using simple games and activities. This can include making them learn counting, and even some basic concepts of what comes before and after. There are also some educational games available in the market for this purpose like the simple and basic abacus. A little bit of appreciation of the child on his getting the concept right would encourage him to do better. Similarly, toddlers can easily be taught colors through real life by defining and differentiating various colors for him. The best way is to make the child close to nature by teaching him to understand the concept of colors through the bright and vivid world consisting of tress, hills, rainbows, sky and others. Children’s mind easily grasps and understands the rhythms of music. Thus, nursery rhymes are a favorite with them and you can improve your child’s speaking and reading skills by making him recite nursery rhymes. In addition, there are also some educational programs on TV for children which would help in educating them through entertainment. The best way for a healthy child’s development is when he learns new concepts and things in the presence of his parents and importantly, through interaction with them. Thus, every day and every moment you spend with your child has an educational affect on him as a child learns from all small incidents of life. Thus, live a healthy and a happy life and see your child developing into a successful human being.

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