Eating Tips for Pregnant Women

Eating Tips for Pregnant Women

Eating Tips for Pregnant Women

When you are pregnant, you are in one of the most memorable stages of your life. After all, being a mother is a great feeling which moves beyond the expression of words. Along with joy and happiness, you have an added responsibility of taking care of your growing fetus and that care begins with nutrition itself. The importance of eating well during pregnancy is well known. Given are some eating tips which can prove helpful for every pregnant woman.

To begin with, you need to be careful against extremes. That is to say, do not think about your perfect figure getting spoiled by pregnancy as you need to provide yourself and your growing fetus with healthy nutrients for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Similarly, we all have heard of the famous saying that during pregnancy one has to eat for two lives.

Nutrients For A Healthy

While the saying is absolutely true, one needs to guard against excessive or overeating. This is because under or overeating are both harmful. What one needs is a well balanced diet which caters to the body demands of a pregnant woman.

Balanced Diet

High fiber, nutrient dense foods are a must. Ensure that your body gets all the important nutrients through a well balanced diet. Folic acid, B vitamins and minerals like calcium are a must. Your body needs extra calories and proteins for healthy development of your child. However, need for calories do not give free license to indulge in junk and unhealthy food as calories can be provided by the healthy eating mode too.

High Fiber Foods

A healthy diet for a pregnant woman is one that has a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Do not forget the importance of water as keeping one’s body hydrated through adequate intake of water is a necessity. All the above mentioned nutrients are required by the pregnant women for energy production, cell growth, blood production, and for building up of strong bones and teeth of the child.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Along with sticking to the above mentioned diet, remember to avoid alcohol consumption as that is harmful for you and your child. Thus, follow the given eating tips and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.


  • gunashree shettigar

    i am pregnant and wanted sme information abt the balanced diet thts required for a healthy baby. can u pls help me