Eat for a Beautiful Smile

You must have heard about eating for your body and even eating for a healthy skin. But have you wondered that you could eat for a wonderful smile too. It has been found that a few healthy changes to your diet can help you attain beautiful and healthy teeth for a mesmerizing smile. It might come as a surprise to you that apart from sugar, there are also other often considered “healthy” items which can lead to tooth cavities. Read below to find out ways by which you can protect your teeth and keep them in a healthy condition for an everlasting smile.

Did you know that a handful of potato chips can be as damaging to your skin as a chocolate or a sweet dish? This is because all carbohydrates eventually breakdown into simple sugars thereby doing the same damage to your teeth as normal sugar would. Avoid all those food items which have a tendency to break down into cavity-causing sugar. It has been found that drinking tea, especially black and green ones, help in fighting cavities and bacteria to keep your teeth healthy. This is because black and green teas contain polyphenols that help prevent plagues. They also inhibit bad breath by inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria. If you are a soda or a soft drink addict, then your teeth are in danger. Citric and phosphoric acids contained in fizzy drinks have a tendency to erode dental enamel. You must have heard a lot about the benefits of Vitamin C; add another feather in its cap as it also helps in the health of gum tissue, thereby contributing to a beautiful smile. Last but not the least, increase your calcium intake to ensure the strength and health of your teeth.

Follow these given healthy eating tips to ensure that your smile spreads miles.