Easy Tips To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Easy Tips To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Easy Tips To Make Your Pores Look Smaller A blemish-free, tighter, softer and a younger looking skin is what everyone desires for. It really makes one unhappy to have numerous pores on his or her face. Pores make the face look unattractive and the additional disadvantage that comes along with the pores is the settling of dust particles in these pores consequently blocking the skin.

Well, the size of the pores cannot be minimized or reduced or altered in any ways but few measures can be taken to make them look smaller and less obtrusive. Here are some tips that may help to reduce the size of the facial pores.

Cleansing Action

It is always suggested by the dermatologists that the cleansing of the face should be done with oil-free cleanser in case of bigger pores. In case of oily cleansers the purpose of cleansing is not solved as the oil enters the pores and blocks them. The oil inside the pore then attracts impurities and dust and becomes a home for invasion of bacteria or fungi.

Thus, oil-free cleansers should be used for cleansing. Secondly the cleansers containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid should be made use of. Mild soaps containing antioxidants are also useful. The cleansing process should be performed at least thrice a week.

Exfoliation To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Exfoliating the skin in the night time is must thrice a week. It is said in the night time because it is a time when one doesn’t go out unlike the daytime when the pollutants or dirt enters the skin. This action helps to remove the dead skin which causes the congestion of the skin.

One can also make a good exfoliate at home using simple ingredients than investing in a costlier exfoliating cream. All it needs to make a good exfoliating cream is two tablespoon brown sugar mixed with one tablespoon honey. Massage the mixture gently on face for a longer time and then rinse away.

Use Of Synthetic Forms Of Vitamin A

Synthetic forms of Vitamin A or a more precise term, Retinoid, can be used to reduce the pore size. The retinoid are to be applied topically. The retinoid is acted by clearing the congestion in the skin. Retinoids can be used as per the condition of the skin. In case of very large pores, a stronger topical cream that is prescribed by the dermatologist can be used. But in case of moderate pores, milder retinoids are available which can be brought over the counter.

Mask To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Mask can as well be used that can be kept overnight or as long as their prescribed time. Facial masks of various types are available depending upon the skin type. Moreover bad make-up habits can also contribute to the enlarged pore size. It is mandatory to wash and cleanse the skin if make-up is applied. As with the diet, one must avoid eating oily stuff.

These are the simple tips to minimize the size of the pore. In combination with them, a proper technique of make-up which conceals the pores in a fine manner should be implemented.

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