Drawbacks of Plastic Bags


plasticbag Say no to plastic bag’ is a common slogan in today’s world. While most of us have heard that plastic bags are harmful for our environment, most of us don’t know why it is so. This article will thus provide information on the various drawbacks of plastic bags and why you should immediately stop its usage.

There is no denying the fact that plastic bags are the most widely used household items as they help a great deal in holding and storing various things.

Whenever we go to market and buy anything, we always ask for a plastic bag as a carry bag. However, things have to change now as plastic bags have to give way to jute bags. This is because it has been found that plastic bags are extremely harmful for our environment.

To begin with, plastic bags are not easily breakable and they can take about hundred years to break down. This in turn can adversely affect the environment and even harm wildlife.

You must have seen various plastic bags floating around in lakes and ocean. When plastic bags are not disposed off properly, they can severely harm the wildlife, especially the oceanic life. In addition, they can also clog the drains, leading to sanitary problems.

Plastic bags are not recycled and they are produced from non-renewable resources like oil and petrochemicals. To add on to the drawbacks, plastic bags can release various harmful chemicals when they break down.

As mentioned above, they take hundreds to even thousands of years to break down and when they break down, they carry a risk of harming the water and soil due to release of poisonous chemicals.

Though plastic bags are extremely useful, they are not friendly for our environment. You must thus try to refrain from using them.

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