Domestic Violence

Women are often the passive victims of Domestic Violence in which they are harshly treated by their husbands after marriage. This act of battering by the male is often seen as an attempt to exert his authority and domination over his better half. This need of domination arises from a feeling of insecurity and diminishing self-esteem in front of his wife’s intellect or passive power as women today are no longer the weak, docile and the inferior breed. They too are matching shoulders with their male counterparts and are in fact even doing better in terms of intellect or profession. This has led to an increase in domestic violence and divorce cases as the male subject is feeling threatened of loosing his power of domination. However, women should not be passive receptors of this injustice as the law is equal for all and as human beings, no one has the right to humiliate a woman or treat her as a male’s property.

How to overcome Domestic Violence
Abuse and domestic violence is not only limited to physical violence, but also extends to emotional and monetary manipulation. It is more of a psychological problem and thus one should take counseling from a psychologist to overcome this traumatic period as well as help in changing the mindset of your husband. In addition, one can take help from anger management programs. These programs are helpful for making the abusive people cope with unresolved anger that may be initiating their dominating behavior. In addition, one should also try to help your abusive partner to change his actions by boosting up his confidence and ego in a positive way and by making him realize the importance of his love and care in your life. A positive counseling can help an abusive husband understand that a woman’s power and her going to job does not imply his diminishing importance.

If the condition turns serious, then one can fight for one’s rights and can contact National Association against Domestic Violence in India. Moreover, one should have the economic independence and the emotional strength to end the relationship if it turns too violent as continuing such a relationship would only lead to a hammering of one’s self esteem and pride. However, such an extreme step should be taken only if the situation worsens and reaches an extreme point of no return.

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  • LJ

    Domestic violence against men is just as common as against women although men dont call the police as much (because we are told that it is unmanly to complain) and their are no services for them.

    This article is sexist and biased.