Do You Need Dietary Supplements? Read This Out!


Undoubtedly dietary supplements contain vitamins and minerals can complement your regular diet if you really having trouble getting enough nutrients from your regular diet and eating schedule. But you must be wondering is it safe enough to take them and who generally needs dietary vitamins in their daily life. Mind it, if you are healthy and eat wide variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean meat and fish, you really don’t need any kind of dietary supplements in your active body.

But Taking dietary supplements becomes appropriate in the following conditions:
* If you don’t eat or consume less than 1600 calories a day
* If you are pregnant, or trying to conceive a child or a lactating mother
* If you are a woman who falls under the category of those who experience heavy bleeding during your their menstrual periods
* If you are a postmenopausal woman
* If you are a vegetarian and you don’t substitute or complement your diet appropriately
* If you have gone through a surgery on your digestive tract and cannot digest and absorb nutrients properly
* If you are overweight or obese or on a diet
* If you have medical history that affects how your body absorbs, uses or excretes nutrients such as chronic diarrhea, food allergies, food intolerance or some liver disease, gallbladder ,intestines or pancreas

But before incorporating dietary supplements in your diet, it is very essential for you to talk to your doctor or a dietician who can analyze your health history so that he can recommend you the right kind and doses of dietary supplements for your body. Also keep in mind that such dietary supplements can’t replicate the benefits of wholesome diet, so do take that too.

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