Different treatments for migraine

Migraine is a vascular disorder which resulted from the dilatation and contraction of blood vessels of the brain. Different treatments of migraine are mentioned below, just have a look!

Triptans are the specialized drugs mainly designed for treating the acute attacks of migraine. Long Before sufferers used to take any pain –killers for treating migraine. But now there are seven triptans drugs available in market, only two varieties of them being found in Indian market. Rest ones are yet to make their mark in Indian markets. But these drugs can only be taken under physician’s guidance and not otherwise.

Botox is very much effective in treating intractable migraines. Intractable migraines are those types of migraines which are non-responsive to any kind of drug.

Use of mechanical stimulation for treating migraine:

In the process of mechanical stimulation, a mechanical device is used to stimulate the occipital nerve. On worldwide basis, only 16 patients have undergone clinical trial of this method and the results have been encouraging since then.

Traditional methods of curing migraine:

Doctors have being prescribing paracetamol and NS-AIDs etc to their patients for curing the mild cases of migraine attacks from the beginning. But now, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and ayurveda techniques are used by people for treating their migraine problem. These techniques effectively cure the mild and moderate cases of migraines.

Control your triggers:
Apart from taking medication for curing migraine, it is equally important to give proper attention to your eating habits too. Look out for what all food you eat. Remember that alcohol and excessive caffeine intake can increase your chances of suffering from migraine. Also, disturbing lights, computer screens, cigarette smoking, inadequate sleep, and excessive fast food intake can increase the chances of migraine. So make sure to keep a check on all these lifestyle habits.

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