Different forms of painting for your children

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Hey parents, it is again the holiday time for your kids. You can certainly take the opportunity of free time during these holidays to teach your children some beautiful forms of paintings. Some of such paintings are mentioned below in this article- just read them out!

Finger painting
Take plain paper and put blob of pint on it. Then let the child move its fingers through the pint blob to create different shapes. The child can also mix different colors. Allow the colors to dry and then exhibit the painting so that everyone can see it.

Thumb painting
This activity is similar to the above with the exception that the fingers have to be substituted with the thumb. It will be interesting to make ants or spiders with individual thumb prints.

Hand printing
In this case, the palm is to be dipped in paint and an impression is to be taken which can be cut and made into picture or collage.

Foot printing
This is similar to hand printing except that the palm is to be substituted with the foot for taking impressions.

Cotton ear bud printing
Dip some ear buds in paint and fill up an outline or picture with the prints.

Ball printing
Take ball and dip it in pint. Keep a sheet of paper on the floor and let the child bounce the ball on the floor and let the child bounce the ball on the paper. If two children do this simultaneously with two different colors, the effect will be amazing.

Balloon printing
Take balloon, fill with air, dip in paint and let the children make impressions.

Old toilet rolls printing
Tie a string on a used toilet roll, dip it in paint and roll it on paper.

Believe me; your kids will love all the above forms of painting.