Different Dresses In The Sixties

Different Dresses In The Sixties

Different Dresses In The Sixties A great sense of style was present during the sixties which is again being sported by many today. There were a lot of distinctive trends in dresses especially for women that defined the era with figure-hugging silhouettes, sassy cuts and bold prints. You can look for dresses of the sixties era at your local vintage stores or at the vintage retailers available online.

Early Sixties

In terms of fashion the dresses in the sixties were very much similar to that of the fifties. The dresses in the sixties were fully pleated, swing or pencil skirts. High-collared dresses or shirtwaist with girdles and petticoats beneath were the norm of that period. This was the style which was common in the entire country during that period.

Prints and Colors In Sixties

The dresses in the sixties focused on louder prints and brighter colors, heralding the most popular designs which were about to arrive. The prints included polka dots, stripes, larger florals and seersucker.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

The first lady who became the President of the United States of America in the year 1968 Jackie O was a style icon for every woman throughout the world. The pink Chanel suit worn by her launched a new trend which is still reflected in today’s fashion. A classic European sensibility was present in her but the designs mostly emphasized on accent pieces and clean lines. Shift dresses became very popular which had big buttons in it.

The Mini Skirt In Sixties

Designer Mary Quant in the year 1964 introduced to the world the mini skirt. This was one of the biggest fashion breakthroughs in the year sixties. Many dresses had the short hemline generally with an A-line structure.

Hippie In Sixties

The look that you will generally think while thinking about the dresses in the sixties is the hippie trend. Hippie dresses were flowing and loose and did not have much structure in them. At many times the dresses were sack dresses which were tied with a rope. Other dresses were more traditional in nature and featured bright neon colors and huge flowers which would clash with each other.


The minimalist style of the sixties was the mod style in response to the hippie style. The mod style mainly emphasized on the A-line dresses with very simple colors and line. Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick represented the mod look during that time.

Try To Be Unique In Your Dress

You can make a fashion statement by wearing some fancy dresses in the sixties. In history the sixties era were a very powerful time and several changes took place during that time. The fashion in the fifties was rather sedate which became blooming during the sixties. Psychedelic colors were generally favored and shorter hemlines became popular during this period. You will find the dresses in the sixties to be the most flamboyant. You will be able to draw a lot of attention by sporting one of the dresses in the sixties era which are very comfortable. Formal Dresses during the Sixty Eras

The chic fashion trends were absent from the formal dresses in the sixties. The formal dresses helped in portraying a feminine and elegant appearance which was only achieved as luxurious materials and longer hemlines were used. Most of the skirts were of knee to floor length and had high necklines.

Hemlines In Sixties

In the sixties the hemlines increasingly grew shorter which helped the mini-skirt to culminate in the year 1965. Longer skirts were present in several formal gowns from the 1950s.

Different Dresses In The Sixties

Dresses which were formal including wedding gowns and prom dresses generally swept down to the floor and the hemlines which were of knee-length during the sixties. The formal dresses touched the ankle in the in the late sixties but the formal dresses which were of knee length were more popular.

Cut In Sixties

The cut of the dresses in the sixties were mostly of empire waist cut or A-line shape. Most of the figures were flattered and the curves of the woman did not draw much attention. In formal fashion woman did not strove for sexiness but for elegance. You can prefer the ruffled frock skirts, frilly for attending parties which were very popular in the early part of the sixties. You can opt for baby doll cuts, formless and straight dresses of that period.

Sleeves In Sixties

The formal dresses in the sixties had several sleeve lengths. Strapless designs were sported by very few dresses and too much skin was exposed by those dresses. Shawls were worn along with strapless dresses which covered the shoulder that was exposed. Throughout the decade high necklines were present in sleeveless dresses. Throughout the entire decade the short, cap sleeves steadily gained a lot of popularity. Around 1962 the three quarter sleeves were introduced. Along with long sleeves, these sleeves stayed fitted during the early period of the period. Some of the dresses flared out at the wrist or mid-arm during the sixties.

Colors In Sixties

During the sixties several dresses including formal dresses came in pastels and bright colors. Hues of blue, yellows and pink appeared frequently and after the 1968 the brightest variations in colors appeared. White and black dresses were the popular evening and morning choices throughout the entire sixties.

Things To Be Considered

If you plan to dress in sixties fashion for a costume party or a Halloween, do not forget to complete your look with the correct makeup and hair do. If you opt for a Mod dressing, a hairstyle which is angular bob will look perfect. If your hair is short, look for a hair style which is asymmetrical or angular or Twiggy and reflect the sixties. For those having long hair, you can keep your hair straight. For the makeup you can opt for the winged, thick black eyeliner on for your upper eyelid. Put on false spiky eyelashes for your lower and upper eyelid with a combination of light lips with flesh-tone.

Fashion is very essential as it defines your personality and uniqueness. Fashion is undergoing a major change in today’s world but the earlier trends are still very popular. Several diverse trends featured in the dresses in the sixties. Several fashion traditions were broken in that decade. PVC dresses of box-shaped, culottes and the go-go boots were very much in fashion. In the year 1963, the bikini became very popular.