Diets : An Easy to Follow Diet for Working Women


Working women tend to lose out on their hour glass figures and radiant looks with time. The reason? They tend to concentrate so much on their work that they have very little time to take care of their starved bodies.

This situation can lead to adverse effects; the most alarming of all being binge eating. Eating at vague hours of the day and digging into junk foods at every given chance can cause weight gains and other related illnesses.

Here’s an easy to follow diet chart for working women who find it hard to set aside time for meals. Make sure to follow these tips to maintain a healthy and fat free body while getting rid of hunger pangs at odd hours of the day.

7 O’ Clock: Begin the day with refreshing lemon juice. Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice with lukewarm water and drink it. This helps your body get rid of unnecessary fat and improve its nutrient absorbing capacity.

Half Past Seven: Munch on a few biscuits and have a cup of tea. Biscuits prevent acidity and you can opt for cream crackers or digestive biscuits that have high fiber contents.

Half Past Eight: Eat a healthy breakfast. Make sure to add plenty of carbohydrates to your morning diet. This generates enough calories to vitalise the body and keep it energized the entire day.

Do not opt for incomplete meals. Make sure to have a full meal which can preferably inclucde oat flakes, wheat flakes, milk or brown bread sandwiches.

Half Past Eleven: Is the right time for a mid morning snack. Your body needs to absorb fat faster for which you need to drink fresh fruit juice. You can also add some biscuits or wheat crackers to your snack.

2 O’ Clock: Opt for lighter lunches in comparison to breakfasts. This will prevent the feeling of laziness and keep you brisk and active. However, a proper lunch should include all the necessary nutrients and you can opt for salads and a bowl of rice.

5 O’ Clock: This is the time when most of us start feeling hunger pangs. The best way to satisfy these pangs would be to munch on roasted nuts, whole wheat breads or popcorn. You can also eat a seasonal fruit to keep you full and satisfied for longer periods.

8 O’ Clock: Your dinner should be a meal fit for a pauper. Accordingly, it should clearly be the lightest meal of the day and you should refrain from stuffing yourself. Have some soup, salad, and porridge with some rice and curries.

10 O’ Clock: You may not be inclined towards the idea of drinking milk before hitting the bed at night. However, it is a healthy practise as milk can supplement your calcium intake and help you sleep better.

Make sure to follow this diet and keep remainders all around the house to help you fight sudden hunger pangs. All you need to make sure is to eat every 2-3 hours a day to stay fit and healthy.

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