Dietary Tips for Peptic Ulcers


A peptic ulcer is one of the common disorders of the digestive tract. It refers to any localized erosion of the mucosal lining of the alimentary tract that comes in contact with gastric juice. Dietary indiscretion, intake of alcohol and a highly nervous system are some factors which put a person to risk of peptic ulcer.

Many people who have peptic ulcers experience irritation, heartburn and excessive acid production by intake of certain foods. Thus, it is important to check your diet to prevent the symptoms of peptic ulcers.

Dietary counseling plays an important role while dealing with people with peptic ulcers. Before getting into the specific foods that are healthy and harmful for people with peptic ulcers, it is essential to know certain eating tips.

People with peptic ulcers should eat small and frequent meals and snacks rather than starving or overeating at one go. This is because small meals and frequent snacks ensure that some food is present in the stomach at all times so that excess acid is diluted and neutralized in the stomach. Most importantly, eat slowly and chew well.

Some psychological factors should also be kept in mind while eating. Meals should be enjoyed and not taken as a mere daily routine. Also, the patient should eat food in a relaxed atmosphere as anxiety, worry, and stress leads to hyper secretion of acid which in turn worsens the condition of peptic ulcer.

A nutritional diet helps in the fast healing of peptic ulcers. When a person is suffering from peptic ulcers, he should include only bland, non-irritating, smooth and low fiber foods. Fruits, juices, oatmeal, breads, grains, salads with low fat dressings, and others are helpful.

Avoid oily, spicy and fatty food which might irritate your stomach, further worsening the condition of your peptic ulcers. Taking proper care of diet is essential for prevention and fast healing of peptic ulcers.

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