Diet for Stress


Stress is like a silent killer which slowly takes over the health of your mind and body. It is characterized by various different symptoms like sleep disturbance, depression, lack of concentration, headaches, loss of appetite, digestive disorders, mood fluctuations, irregular periods in women, fear, palpitation and various other psychological, emotional and physical symptoms. Did you know that you can combat the problem of stress through diet and healthy eating? While many of you would be aware of the importance of healthy diet for healthy body, you can also eliminate or at least reduce your stress levels through healthy eating.

Before taking about the food items which help in reducing stress, you first need to look at some items which need to be eliminated from our diet as they act as triggers for stress. These include coffee, excess of salt, alcohol, canned products, excess of citrus juices, and also extremely spicy food items. You might ask that alcohol is usually consumed to combat stress. However, that’s not the case as alcohol stimulates the secretion of adrenalin thereby adding to stress and stress related problems, especially harmful for your cardiovascular health. Along with avoiding the food items mentioned above, there are also certain items whose inclusion in our diet can help in preventing stress. These include juices, especially carrot and apple juices, chamomile tea and ginger tea. Also drink plenty of water as stress dehydrates the body and thus you need to keep in hydrated for staying healthy. The key nutrients for stress are those that aid the adrenal glands. Magnesium, Vitamin B, DL Phenylalanine and Vitamin E are effective and useful during stress attacks. One should eat a meal high in carbohydrates and fiber. Also eat plenty of vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only supply valuable vitamins and minerals to the body but are also rich in compounds called flavanoids which help in counteracting stress.

Follow a dietary change as healthy mind is through healthy body which in turn demands healthy diet. Thus eat healthy to ward off stress from your life.

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