Diet for Healthy Hair

Just like our body, our hair also needs a nutritious and a balanced diet to remain long, strong and healthy. There are certain food items which help in keeping our hair healthy and one should incorporate such items in one’s daily diet to attain shining, long hair.
Protein: Good hair nutrition begins with the intake of diet rich in proteins as one’s hair primarily consists of protein. Proteins provide one’s hair with strength and prevent them from splitting and breaking. Thus, one should include in one’s diet foods like fish, meat, milk, cheese, seeds and nuts.

Vitamins: one’s diet should include the necessary vitamins to help one’s hair remain strong and healthy. Vitamin A makes one’s scalp healthy and is found in items like carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots and broccoli. Vitamin B is associated with energy production and the building up of good hair and skin tissues. A lack of vitamin B in ones diet can lead to oily, greasy hair and hence one’s diet should consist of green vegetables, beans and sunflower seeds which are good sources of vitamin B. vitamin E, found in green leafy vegetables and in nuts and grains can help to prevent hair loss.

Minerals: A variety of minerals are important to maintain healthy hair. The most important of them is iron which carries oxygen to the hair. Thinning of hair or hair loss can be a sign of iron deficiency and thus, one should incorporate in one’s diet, iron- rich food items like eggs, red meat, legumes, wholegrain cereals, dry fruits and green vegetables. To improve the natural color of one’s hair, one should include copper rich items like seeds, meat and liver in one’s diet.

Water: Water is one of the most important ingredients required to make one’s hair soft and supple. One-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair is made of water and water also helps to keep one’s hair silky and shiny.

Along with following a balanced and a nutritious diet, one should also exercise properly to ensure the proper flow of blood to one’s scalp which in turn would ensure that one’s hair remain healthy and strong.

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