Diaper Rashes In Babies

Hearing the painful cries of your baby due to red rashes on his skin can be depressing for any parent. Diaper rashes are quite common in small children and are caused due to prolonged exposure of the wet diaper with your child’s skin. Usually moist, red and itchy; diaper rashes can be painful and irritating for the baby thereby making him cranky and angry. Diaper rash is a skin irritation or an infection which in turn can lead to local inflammation. It may also be caused by a yeast infection and also by bacterial one- the latter being characterized by blistering and pus. If your child suffers from high fever, then you should seek medical attention as carelessness cannot be granted with the sensitive life of a child.

Diaper rash can be prevented and it needs extra care and attention of parents. Ensure that your child does not stay in wet diapers for a long time as it increases the risk of infection. If your child displays any mood change, usually a crying or a cranky one, then it indicates he is uncomfortable and that may be caused by a wet diaper. Immediately attend to his needs as small children can only convey through emotions and signs. Along with frequently changing diapers, you need to clean the baby’s area with mild soap and water to ward off any risk of infection. If yeast infection is present, then it is advised that you take the baby off fruit juices and sweet foods. Use cotton diapers and keep the area dry to prevent as well as treat the problem of diaper rashes in babies. If the condition persists and if your child also gets fever, then consult a doctor to rule out any internal infection. Keeping extra care of your baby is essential as they have a sensitive skin which is more prone and vulnerable to infections.

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