Diabetes and Hair Loss


Are you getting tensed by seeing your hair growing thinner day by day? Every woman dreads at the thought of hair loss. There are various factors that can lead to the problem of hair loss and one such cause is diabetes. Read below and find out the relationship between diabetes and hair loss.

Diabetes is a medical disorder that adversely affects your immune system, making you prone to various ailments. It leads to stress and fatigue which in turn causes hair loss. Not only does diabetes lead to hair loss, it also disrupts your metabolic cycles and thereby slows down the process of hair re-growth.

People who are suffering from diabetes frequently suffer from skin related problems. Thus, diabetes can lead to infections in the scalp region which in turn can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

Women suffering from hormonal problems are often victims of hair loss problems. Diabetes too leads to hormonal imbalances in the body and is thus one of the prime causes of hair loss in women.

Along with the above given factors, diabetes also weakens your circulatory system. This in turn leads to poor blood, oxygen, and nutrient supply to the scalp and makes your hair weak and lack-luster. In addition, certain drugs used for treating diabetes can also lead to hair loss.

It is necessary to diagnose and treat the problem of diabetes in time to avoid advanced symptoms like hair loss. In addition, there are also some ways by which you can prevent your hair from becoming weak and thin.  Effectively manage stress to avoid hair loss. Also, have a healthy diabetic diet to improve your circulatory system and to enhance your immunity so that you don’t find yourself losing hair at a rapid pace.

As shown above, diabetes is a medical problem which brings with it various problems, one of them being that of hair loss. Thus, it is necessary to effectively handle the problem of diabetes to avoid yourself from the hassle of weak, thin, and falling hair.

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