Developing Communication Skills in Kids

Life is a series of stages with every stage coming with its own joys and challenges. When a baby is born, his cry brings tears of joy on every parents face and with time, the first word of a child is anticipated with great joy and happiness. Similarly, when the baby develops his cognitive skills and his first word turns into his first sentence, then he progresses in his development cycle. Then what is the role of parents in all these naturally decided life-cycle? Parents play a huge role in aiding the child in his development and developing communication skills in children is very important to prepare them for life. It is only through proper communication skills that a child would be able to emote and communicate his feelings and thoughts to the world and the child begins to speak his first full sentence usually when he is 18 to 24 months old.

From babbling to speaking of first words, babies learn a lot from the environment they live in. Children are great listeners and they gradually learn to imitate the sounds of their parents to finally develop their speaking skills. With the identification of words, they start developing sentences through their word’s organization in their memory bank. As a parent, you can play an important role in the healthy development of your child’s communication skills. Indulge and encourage him to speak more often and to express his feelings through words and not through tears or cries. Teach him new words not mere theoretically but b associating every word with its related image and visual. Play word games with your child and communicate more and more with him so that he speaks more often as it is practice which finally makes even a child perfect. Similarly, making your child participate more in analytical and cognitive skills development games can prove helpful in the healthy development of his communication skills.

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